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” Being a realtor, I see hundreds of homes each year and I can honestly say that the home we bought from ICI is by far the best one.  I would recommend their homes and services to any friend or client and I feel lucky to have purchased one of their homes.” […] Read More

Toronto custom home builders -
Toronto custom home builders -
Custom home builders Toronto -



Approx. 3,400 SQ.FT. Living Area
2,380 SQ.FT. Above Basement
4 + 1 Bedroom, 1 car garage


ICI focuses building exquisite custom homes starting from 2,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet in the Greater Toronto Area.

ICI custom homes don’t not have any wasted space or awkward layouts. They are all finished with high-quality custom features and include top-of-the-line appliances. ICI custom built houses captures natural light abundantly to help create energy efficient custom homes. ICI takes pride in building with eco-friendly materials.


Whether you have land to develop or want to tear down your existing house, ICI builds your custom made dream home for you.

ICI’s experienced architects can work with you in creating architectural drawings if you do not have one. ICI also provides service with zoning and building permits. Finally, ICI can assist you with the interior decoration of your custom home.


Whether it is exterior or interior work you are needing for your house, ICI studies and analyses your needs thoroughly in order to improve the energy efficiency of your house, apply the open concept modern layout and trends with the latest technologies.

ICI brings expertise and experience in quality construction and adds great value to your home.

You will love your home all over again and live more comfortably and efficiently than ever before.

My husband and I had had our eyes on living in Wanless Park for some time. We had two young children and were expecting a third baby, and we knew that we wanted a bigger house. We had a toured a house built by Sencer Erkaya / Inter Construction and saw first hand the quality of finish and detail in design that comes with his projects. So when we had the opportunity to build on a quiet corner lot just off Wanless Park, we knew that we would choose ICI for our custom dream home. Sencer came highly recommend from the architect, so we were confident with our choice. The architectural layout of our home is amazing – we love the the high ceilings, natural light, beautiful millwork and layout/use of space.

Our project started with the teardown of the existing house. Sencer was very involved with the entire project – from reviewing the architectural drawings and walking through the permit process, to being present on our site through every step of construction. He has a fantastic group of tradesmen that he works with – most specifically the wood/trim millworks and kitchen companies. Building a custom home involves many decisions – from brick and exterior paint colour, roof materials, kitchen design (look and layout), to bathrooms, interior paint colours and windows but even down to the smallest details like doorknobs. The number of decisions can be daunting, but for our home, Sencer would speed up this process by providing a recommendation. He was then open to our changes and suggestions and would provide explanation of costs related to any changes. Sencer is hands on and takes huge amount of pride in the quality of his homes. If there was a problem, he would be onsite immediately and ensure that issues were resolved as quickly as possible.

I would recommend Sencer and his team for a custom home project of any size.

Meredith & Sean Weir

In June 2011, we bought a house from Sencer. While we liked the house from the moment we saw it, we have grown to love it even more as we have lived in it and made it our home. We value the special features, fine finishes and livable design elements; things such as large closets, abundant natural lighting, top-of-the-line appliances, efficient kitchen design and high ceilings are appreciated every day. The architectural design and workmanship of the house are outstanding.

In addition, it has been a pleasure to work with Sencer. Every time we have had a question about the house or needed something addressed, Sencer was polite, professional and prompt in responding to us. Sencer has gone out of his way to ensure that we are happy in our house and that everything in our house is working as it should.

Finally, Sencer treated the neighbours respectfully while the house was being built. We have heard from several of our new neighbours about how Sencer treated them all with respect and ensured that they were not inconvenienced by the construction. It has been terrific to move into a neighbourhood and be welcomed by neighbours with positive attitudes towards our new house.

Thanks again Sencer for giving us a wonderful family home!

Janet Bannister

My husband and I had been looking for a home for over 2 years and once we walked into the home that Sencer built, we knew right away it was the home for us. The home was absolutely perfect, from the high ceilings, to the solid doors and custom millwork, everything was obviously of high quality. It was clear that ICI Construction didn’t cut any corners and that real though was put into the actual architecture of the home.
Being a realtor, I see hundreds of homes each year and I can honestly say that the home we bought from Sencer is by far the best one. Not only did he use high end materials, his design choices were spot on. The room sizes were perfect, there were no wasted spaces and no awkward layouts like I see in many new builds. It didn’t feel like a typical new build as he integrated many unique aspects into each room.

We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of care and after service that Sencer and his team provided after our purchase. His team went above and beyond to show us how all of the systems worked. In addition, Sencer provided us with many contractors to help us with custom built ins, sound systems & landscaping.

Sencer and ICI Construction are professional, honest and quick to respond. I would recommend their homes and services to any friend or client and I feel lucky to have purchased one of their homes.

Eileen Lasswell

After living in the same home for many years I decided to do a complete renovation. After meeting a number of builders I decided to hire Sencer and his company. I had never done a major renovation before so I was quite apprehensive about the project.

Following much study and analysis Sencer recommended that the house be completely torn down to the foundation and rebuilt rather than renovated. Although the prospect was intimidating this turned out to be absolutely the right decision. All throughout the project Sencer was extremely helpful in explaining the options and related costs. He anticipated and avoided many potential problems; some that could have had serious consequences. However no project of this complexity will ever be completely problem-free. When the inevitable problems arose Sencer proposed effective solutions to overcome them. In addition to seeing the big picture Sencer personally pays tremendous attention to even the tiniest details. He takes a hands-on approach to each project and visits each site sometimes several times a day. I am very happy with the final result.

I now have a high quality, very livable home that has substantially increased in value. The experience was a good one and I would recommend Sencer and his company without hesitation. And probably the best testimonial is that both of my immediate neighbours have hired Sencer for projects on the their homes.

David Campbell

ICI established in 1960 and completed more than 300 projects including restoration of historic buildings, shopping centers, municipal buildings, industrial constructions and custom made homes. Since 2008, ICI concentrated as a custom home builder in Toronto and completed many land development, restoration and renovation projects in Greater Toronto Area. 

to build your dream home, we will be ready to build for you.
to build your dream home, we will be ready to build for you.

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